February 27, 2013

iPhone 6

Design exploration what a future iPhone 6 might look like.

Peter Zigich

iPhone 5 is still the best looking phone today.
Competition is not standing still. Some nice "premium" phones are coming out from other companies.

It makes me wonder what will Apple do to stay on top, and beat out the competition.

This is how I imagine next iPhone 6

3 key areas next iPhone has to address:

  • improve its already spectacular design of iPhone 5
  • compete with cheap smartphones 
  • compete with large screen smartphones (phablets). 

Home Button

It has been there since the first iPhone. 

The physical Home Button is one of the best design features of the iPhone, but it takes up a lot of space at the front.

How about moving Home button to the side?

We could end up with bigger screen or a smaller phone. 

Two Home Buttons, one on each side. 

With Home button on the side there's room to add another row of icons, while physical dimensions remain the same as iPhone 5.

Closeup of the side Home button 

Feature two Home Buttons, one on each side, instead of one.

More possible functions combining left & right Home buttons with single, double, triple click. (Example: double click left Home button then single click right Home button; or press left & right at the same time, etc).

iPhone 6 same dimensions as iPhone5
H x W x D - 124mm x 59mm x 7.6mm 

I estimate it would cost the same as iPhone 5 $650 without a contract ($200 with two year contract).

Side view 

Is one iPhone enough?

Apple has 4 iPods (Touch, Nano, Classic & Shuffle), and 2 iPads (iPad & iPad mini).

Why Not 3 different iPhones?

Size comparison from left to right

iPhone 5, iPhone 6 Mini, iPhone 6, & iPhone 6 XL 

iPhone 6 Mini

Cheaper, smaller iPhone to compete with cheap Android phones, aimed at developing and prepaid markets.

Same premium materials as "flagship" iPhone, but with a smaller screen.
Screen is the same size as iPhone 4.

I estimate it would cost $350 - $450 without a contract ($0 - $100 with two year contract).
More expensive than some hope for, but the same happened with iPad mini.

iPhone 6 Mini - screen is same size as iPhone 4

H x W x D - 96.5mm x 59mm x 7.6mm 

iPhone XL - Large screen iPhone

There is a significant demand for a larger screen iPhone. 
Bigger Screen would allow for 1 extra row & 1 extra column of icons.

Same premium materials as "flagship" iPhone, but a larger screen.
Perfect for one handed use unlike ridiculously oversized Samsung Galaxy Note.

I estimate it would cost $750 - $900 without a contract ($300 - $400 with two year contract).

iPhone 6 XL - larger screen, perfect for one handed use

H x W x D - 137mm x 70mm x 7.6mm 

Size comparison, from left to right
iPhone 6 Mini, iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 XL 

Side view, size comparison,
iPhone 6 Mini, iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 XL 

3 very different iPhones 

Multiple screen size options for different segments of the market.
More choices for customers.

iPhone 6 Mini, iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 XL 

What about iOS?

There are some things about iOS that drive me crazy. Finding Apps on the phone is getting more complicated.

The average iPhone user has 100 - 150 Apps on their device.

Users are just overwhelmed with the amount of Apps installed and they end up hidden away and forgotten.

It's necessary to rethink core UI — from a user experience perspective.
iOS has not fundamentally changed since it was introduced in 2007, and its starting to show its age.

There must be an easier way to find Apps on the iPhone 

I came up with a cool concept of how to find, organize, search and choose App in easy and intuitive way. In a few easy clicks users can, narrow the search for the right app on ther phone (even if you have 1000 applications installed). I call this process "Distill" - purify, extract essential elements.

This is still work in progress. I will post more info on it in the near future.

iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Mini & iPhone 6 XL 

Size comparison

iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Mini & iPhone 6 XL 

This is my vision of the next iPhone.

Let me know what you think.

Next project: One thing Apple TV is missing to become more than a hobby.

Peter Zigich
You can follow me on Twitter: twitter.com/PeterZ3


  1. Wow, love your concept! Hopefully Apple will make some big changes to iPhone 6.

    I love that wallpaper too! Where did you get it? Can you give us a download link?

  2. Hi Peter,

    Phenomenal ideas with the different sizes and the replacement of the home button to the side! It would earn Apple a big deal by finding new target groups and extend existing markets too, I'd buy myself an iPhone mini and XL combo at once!

    Already contracted by Apple? ;)

    Looking forward to the new concept of better, more intuitive way of finding apps!

    Congrats also for the nice graphics!



  3. The iPhone XL would be a dream come true - great vision, hope Apple takes some notice

  4. Would be great if they could figure out a way to offer a virtual SIM so you could flick from your mini to your XL as your main phone without manhandling the SIM card. How many people would love to have multiple phones for different uses - flip a switch or tap them and the other one becomes live, with identical interface. XL for the handbag, mini for running, standard for work use.

    1. Also a good idea to have virtual sim or synchronised sims.

  5. Peter, you nailed it. I want to buy your XL immediately, never even mind if it still uses the same technology of the iPhone 4 - I only want the size and the good material finish.

  6. Wonderful concepts, hope Apple takes notice of your amazing ideas. :)

  7. I think that the iPhone 6 mini idea is brilliant! Bigger doesn't always mean better. I really hope that Apple takes your ideas into consideration.

  8. iPhone mini is something I would buy.

  9. Great post. Hope it happens. I do think the home button would be better on the top or bottom instead, since any location on the sides would lead to accidental pressing. Knowing Apple's penchant for ergonomics, that may happen. And you are absolutely right, the current design takes up way too much real estate above and below the screen.

  10. Dope, That XL is looking super sexy man. Id love to get my hands on that. imho I think the duel home button is a bit much. Id like to see the single home button on the right side and maybe closer to the top.

  11. I have the newest Samsung Galaxy and I want to switch to an Iphone but, the iphones don't do half as much as the S3 and S4. Forget looks, focus on technology and upgrade.

  12. you've clearly gone to alot of effort here but i don't think you understand apple's design ethos. they are not going to put a home putton awkwardly two thirds of the way down the side of the phone, it looks ugly.

  13. I so want the iphone 6 to have a wider screen!!!!!! make it as big as the samsung!! I'm so close to moving over to samsung for the screen and more fun animations!!

  14. Wowwww, Why you don't wrok for apple? Wonderfull ideas and the 2 home buttons, wonderfull solution!

  15. When will be iPhone 6 launched. I am using iPhone 5 and now waiting for iPhone 6 releasing to buy. I love buying new releasing phones. en ucuz iphone

  16. I like your concepts. I like your idea of a smaller phone.
    Remember the "Razor". Wonder what it would look like today if iPhone made it?

  17. I would LOVE an iPhone 6 XL!!!
    (iPhone screens are just mini compared to other phones now)

  18. where would the fingerprint scanner go? cant see them dropping that anytime soon - not a fan of the home buttons on the sides either (looks ugly if i'm honest) but other then that your designs look great and are really good concepts, i'd grab that XL in a heart beat

  19. I switched last year to a samsung phone due to the SIZE and speed. I owned a iphone since the 1st gen. Over the years of buying apple stuff and keeping up costed lots of money , I even have/ had 5 iphones on a family plane for the past 6 years. I switched cause of size. Maybe now iphone might lisen to its customers. Yes would switch back to a iiphone 6XL if did make. Apple needs to remember with out us the customers they are nothing but a lump of plastic and wires.

  20. I would like to get the Mini, because even iPhone 5 seems too big.